Natural Passive ☆ Homes

A small atelier and building design company.   Specialising in new delightful Homes, Cottages, Guest & pool houses, Chalets/cabins, Special interiors and features.

Intelligent Design, Domestic/Commercial Interiors, Architecture, Natural materials, Passive energy saving green Buildings. Designed to be functional and look gorgeous.   Colin Perry design uses form, function, natural materials and high build quality together in Homes, Cottages, cabins, Garden studios, Guest and Pool houses.   Offering interior space from around 30㎡ to 100㎡ or more  (Imperial: 320 ft² to 1,100+ ft²).  We also design and produce wonderful interiors for both Private clients and Corporate, Commercial and retail spaces, such as Halls, hair/beauty salons, spas and shops.   All using natural materials with traditional & modern construction methods coupled with our in-house high quality 'design & build'.

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Just For You . . .

Unique designs.

Bespoke work and design elements
  We take our valued clients seriously.  Consideration for client focused specifics is natural, we can taylor our designs 'Just for you'.  If you need function & visual elements such as tables, artworks, features and many others for your Domestic or Commercial project;  we have you covered.
  Every project we take on includes our goal of delivering a home that provides for personal wellbeing, enhanced durability, increased efficiency and a greater comfort than any home you’ve lived in before. Our knowledge of natural building science and our Passive Programme of design & construction is designed for the varied European climate that can be adjusted for extremes. This design philosophy can also be tailored for other geographical locations.
   Throughout the building process we value your trust and privacy; coupled with our honesty and integrity. We make available full information on costs, charges, delivery dates and fees that will and potentially occur with our clients. This encourages easier decision making, either in early budgeting or final material or product selections.
Save Time & Money
Creating your new home or building design from scratch with dedicated architects or specialist designers and engineers can be very expensive indeed.  By using Colin Perry design you don't have to worry about customising or huge professional fees. Choose from one of our designs and we'll do the rest as economically and efficiently as possible. We'll also create a bespoke design based on one of our originals.
New Build
'B' is for Build.  Wonderful designs using natural materials and of passive construction in new homes, cottages, guest cabins and domestic / commercial interiors. We will build and finish your new home, cottage, cabin or project to a very high standard based on the Passivhaus principles using natural & ecologically sound materials and finishes throughout together with modern engineering, providing energy saving efficiency and a low cost of ownership. Fuel prices never get any cheaper do they?
Interior Design
Using years of knowledge and experience, together with our connections to manufacturers, artisans and suppliers, not 'tied' to any marque, manufacturer or product.  Working closely with you the client on Domestic or Commercial interiors to create your wishes that fit purpose.

   "Tap here" to view / download our Passive timber homes brochure (2000-8).

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